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Our expanding range includes traditional favourites such as tikka masala and korma; as well as our own unique mouth-watering variations.

So how are we different in comparison to the big supermarket chains?

All our meals and sauces are handmade by a team of dedicated chefs in our Lancashire based kitchens. We pride ourselves on the quality of our meals and the high standard of service we provide to our customers. Each meal is frozen as soon as it is cooked. That way, we can ensure that the flavour, quality and nutritious standards of each and every meal are as high as they can be. At Frozen Tandoor, we know how important it is to produce meals for our customers that are, not only great tasting and high in quality, but that are also simple and quick to prep and enjoy – so there’s no need for you to worry about lots of pots and pans to prepare a meal.

We ensure that all of our frozen meals are easy for you to cook in your microwave. All you have to do is follow the clearly labelled cooking instructions on the front of each container. Not only that, but all the meals we produce are quality-tested to make sure that when you cook them at home, they look, taste and smell just as if you would experience in a restaurant.

With our next day delivery service, offers you the perfect way to dine in, in the comfort of your own home- knowing the meal is not only nutritious but very much value for money. So just stock up your freezer and treat yourself any day of the week!!

Cooking and storage

All of our meals can be cooked straight from the freezer in a conventional microwave. Most meals take between 4-6 minutes in a microwave, without piercing or removing the lid. Our meals are frozen immediately after preparation, the goodness is “locked in”, and so they can be enjoyed at your leisure, confident in the knowledge that you can have a piping hot, tasty and nutritious meal in minutes!

All our main meals can be stored in the freezer for 3 months from the point of production. Always check the “best before end” date on the packaging of the meals to be sure.

Happy Customers

We believe that the satisfaction of our customers comes from a series of distinct, appealing initiatives.

Ultimate Care & Convenience

We handle your meal with great care before you even place your order, by doing our own warehousing and fulfillment.

Innovation and efficiency

The truth is that technology is our fuel. It is our wish to live the future today, which is why we believe technology is the …


In 2017 one of our products won the National Curry Innovation Award.

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We are the nation’s leading online frozen curry store!

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Our valued customers’ feedback is the measure of our success. We’re honoured to serve us great northerners!

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